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24 Oct, 2011

Kit Kat Dark - 70% Cocoa

Posted by: Michael In: Candy Bars

Note: For some reason I wrote this review a couple of years ago, and then never posted it. But I’m pretty sure this bar is still being sold, so… here you go.
The media have done a pretty good job of convincing people that dark chocolate is good for them – when I bought this [...]

07 Jan, 2009

Kit Kat Senses

Posted by: Michael In: Candy Bars

Kit Kat Senses is clearly Nestle’s take on the Kinder Bueno: it looks pretty similar, and is made up of essentially the same elements (creamy hazelnut filling, crispy wafer and milk chocolate). I like Bueno and I like Kit Kat, so combining the two seemed like a sure thing.
The first thing I noticed [...]

05 Jan, 2009


Posted by: Michael In: Candy Bars

This is another British bar, and I’m really not sure if there’s anything else quite like it. I’m starting to get somewhat bitter eating all these imported products; it’s giving me a bunch of new candy bars to crave, most of which are almost impossible to find. Oh well; such is the life [...]

04 Nov, 2008

Kinder Bueno

Posted by: Michael In: Candy Bars

Though Ferrero are rather one-note as far as their product line goes (with a few exceptions, everything they sell has hazelnut in it), they’re probably one of the more reliable candy makers – I don’t think I’ve ever had a Ferrero product that I outright did not like. So it shouldn’t come as a [...]

30 Oct, 2008

Kit Kat Chunky

Posted by: Michael In: Candy Bars

Generally speaking, I haven’t been the biggest fan of the “Chunky” line of candies – they’re fine, but not really a big improvement over the original bars, and the addition of sickly-sweet caramel or peanut butter in some of them tends to feel unnecessary. Kit Kat Chunky is, however, an exception. A sweet, [...]

28 Oct, 2008

Coffee Crisp

Posted by: Michael In: Candy Bars

Coffee Crisp is another one of those bars that, though not particularly exciting, certainly has its place. Though I should mention that its motto (“makes a nice light snack”) is a tad misleading – it’s about the same as any other candy bar as far as its fat content and calorie count goes. Not that [...]

24 Oct, 2008

Crunch Crisp

Posted by: Michael In: Candy Bars

There was a time, a few years back, when new candy bars were a fairly regular occurrence. It was always exciting to walk into the store and see a brand new candy bar you’ve never heard of before. I guess at some point the candy manufacturers realized that they could make more money by releasing [...]

21 Oct, 2008


Posted by: Michael In: Candy Bars

This is another British bar that I purchased at the import store I mentioned in my Time Out review. This one’s called Lion, and it’s essentially a denser version of a Mr. Big bar (which, I suppose, will mean little to most Americans as neither bar is available in the States, as far as I’m [...]

19 Oct, 2008

Time Out

Posted by: Michael In: Candy Bars

I recently went to a candy store that had a pretty decent selection of imported candy bars from the U.K., so along with this review you can expect a few more British candy reviews coming up. Time Out is a bar that I distinctly recall being introduced in Canada in the early ‘90s. I remember [...]

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