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24 Oct, 2011

Kit Kat Dark - 70% Cocoa

Posted by: Michael In: Candy Bars

Note: For some reason I wrote this review a couple of years ago, and then never posted it. But I’m pretty sure this bar is still being sold, so… here you go.
The media have done a pretty good job of convincing people that dark chocolate is good for them – when I bought this [...]

19 Dec, 2008

Cacao Reserve Premium Dark Chocolate Truffles

Posted by: Michael In: Truffles

Hershey launched Cacao Reserve, its “upscale” line of chocolates, a couple of years ago (you know a chocolate maker is trying a bit too hard to seem fancy when they use the pretentious “cacao” rather than the more common “cocoa”). I guess it’s a been a success for them, because here we are two [...]

28 Nov, 2008

Duncans Original Ginger

Posted by: Michael In: Chocolate

Oh, the humanity.
First off, in the spirit of full disclosure I’m going to come right out and admit that ginger isn’t my favourite thing ever, even in savoury dishes. However, I have had the ginger/chocolate combination before, and I have liked it, so I’m not completely biased against anything with ginger. Ginger and [...]

27 Nov, 2008

Dark Chocolate Moose Munch Chocolate Bar

Posted by: Michael In: Candy Bars

Moose Munch is definitely unique – popcorn isn’t generally an ingredient you’ll find in all that many candy bars (in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had a candy bar with popcorn in it). But this bar certainly makes a persuasive argument for the inclusion of popcorn in chocolate.
The Dark Chocolate Moose Munch Chocolate [...]

25 Nov, 2008


Posted by: Michael In: Candy Bars

As far as caramel goes, if Caramilk (or Caramello in the States) is about the softest that you’ll find, Riesen is the chewiest. It really is about as chewy as caramel gets; biting into one of the dense pieces of caramel unprepared can easily result in some sore teeth.
Riesen consists of five [...]

Looking at Hebert’s Fully Loaded Rocky Road Milk Chocolate Bar (that just rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it?), it becomes clear pretty quickly that they’re not kidding around with the whole “fully loaded” thing: the entire underside of the bar is completely covered with chunks of walnuts, dark chocolate and marshmallow pieces. My initial [...]

19 Nov, 2008

Chocolove - Cherries & Almonds in Dark Chocolate

Posted by: Michael In: Chocolate

Though the name and packaging of this chocolate are seriously hokey (there is, as promised on the packaging, an actual love poem on the other side of the wrapper – in this case, Diaphenia by Henry Constable) it’s what’s inside the wrapper that counts.
A quick peek at the ingredients finds a refreshingly simple list: dark [...]

17 Nov, 2008

Lindt Hot Pralines

Posted by: Michael In: Chocolate

Though the combination of chili and chocolate is thousands of years old, it’s never quite reached a wide level of acceptance. I think for most people, the idea of combining spiciness and dessert is just a little bit too bizarre. It’s too bad, because done right, chili and chocolate can be surprisingly good.
Lindt [...]

11 Nov, 2008

Droste Holland - Pastilles

Posted by: Michael In: Chocolate

About the size of a large coin, these Pastilles feature a mixture of half milk chocolate, and half dark chocolate, split down the middle. It’s a pretty simple product, so I’ll keep this review brief.
The chocolate has a nice snap to it, and both sides are of an above average quality. This isn’t [...]

05 Nov, 2008

Terry’s Chocolate Orange - Mini Segments

Posted by: Michael In: Chocolate

Terry’s Chocolate Orange are those fun, baseball-sized chocolates that you get to slam onto the counter in order to separate all the little segments. They are surprisingly delicious (I say surprisingly because, though the combination of chocolate and orange doesn’t exactly sound like a slam dunk, it actually works a lot better than you’d [...]

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