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23 Jan, 2009

Cadbury Creme Egg

Posted by: Michael In: Easter Candy

Easter is actually still a while off – it’s not until April 19th this year – but I guess that’s close enough for Cadbury, as the seasonal Creme Eggs are starting to hit the shelves.
Cadbury Creme Eggs are sweet; extremely sweet. As a kid, despite my love for all things sugary, Creme [...]

06 Nov, 2008

Caramilk Thick

Posted by: Michael In: Candy Bars

Caramilk is one of those bars that I like, but really only need to eat once every few months, because it’s so insanely sweet. It’s kind of like a Cadbury Creme Egg in that respect (and Cadbury, perhaps not coincidentally, makes both products). Caramilk is not available in the States, though according to [...]

29 Oct, 2008

Double Decker

Posted by: Michael In: Candy Bars

This is yet another British bar from the import store. This one actually makes me wish I lived in Britain; I’m not sure I’ve ever had this bar before, but I know I’ll be eating it again – even if it means a trek out to the import store and paying a bit more than [...]

27 Oct, 2008

Cadbury Flake

Posted by: Michael In: Candy Bars

This is another bar that I used to enjoy eating every now and then, until it became almost impossible to find. It’s a shame, but it’s nice to know that if I ever feel like eating one I can still find it at an import shop (unlike, say, the tragically discontinued PB Max – oh [...]

22 Oct, 2008

Cadbury Fudge

Posted by: Michael In: Candy Bars

In my experience, fudge is generally something that has to be eaten while it’s reasonably fresh. I’ve never had a prepackaged fudge that I’ve been particularly fond of; this, unfortunately, is no exception. Actually, this may just be the worst fudge that I’ve ever had.
Cadbury Fudge is, as the name implies, just a stick of [...]

19 Oct, 2008

Time Out

Posted by: Michael In: Candy Bars

I recently went to a candy store that had a pretty decent selection of imported candy bars from the U.K., so along with this review you can expect a few more British candy reviews coming up. Time Out is a bar that I distinctly recall being introduced in Canada in the early ‘90s. I remember [...]

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