25 Mar, 2009

Kinder Chocolate

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Kinder Chocolate

Kinder Chocolate is pretty easy to describe: it’s essentially just a Kinder Surprise in bar form. It is perhaps a tad creamier than a Kinder egg, but otherwise the taste is pretty much identical.

Kinder Chocolate is a smaller-than-average bar (it’s about half the size of a typical candy bar), so it’s pretty good if you’re looking for something that isn’t too heavy. It’s really creamy and sweet, and the quality of the chocolate is fairly decent. As you can see from the picture, the proportion of white chocolate to milk chocolate is higher here than in a Kinder Surprise, which contributes to the added creaminess of this candy. It also makes it slighter sweeter than a Kinder egg, but that is fairly negligible.

I liked this, but since I like Kinder Surprises, that really isn’t much of a… surprise (oh man, I’m terrible). These are a lot easier to eat than one of the eggs, so if you don’t really care about the toy, then this is probably the way to go.

3 out of 4

Manufactured by: Ferrero
Calories (21 g bar): 120

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November 14th, 2010 at 3:38 am


Known outside NA as Kinder Maxi, for anyone wanting to find out more (since “kinder chocolate” is probably going to be a fairly unrewarding search term).

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