18 Mar, 2009

Buncha Crunch

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Buncha Crunch

The combination of puffed rice and milk chocolate is definitely a good one, so I enjoy eating a Crunch bar every now and then, even if the quality of the chocolate is a bit on the iffy side. Buncha Crunch is essentially just a bite-sized version of Crunch, so it should pretty much taste the same, right? Well…

Buncha Crunch consists of little clusters of puffed rice covered in milk chocolate. Its main problem is that the ratio of chocolate to puffed rice is way off – it’s not nearly chocolately enough. It’s pretty crunchy, but the chocolate seems to be holding the rice together more than anything else. So if you’re craving chocolate, this isn’t going to do it for you. What little chocolate there is isn’t particularly good; it’s more sweet than anything else.

I was really not enjoying this at all to start with, though it did sort of grow on me as I ate it. Despite that, there’s no reason at all to pick this over a Crunch bar other than the convenience factor (Crunch bars tend to be a bit crumbly and messy, so they’re tough to eat on the go).

2 out of 4

Manufactured by: Nestle
Calories (34 g package): 160

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