29 Oct, 2008

Double Decker

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Double Decker

This is yet another British bar from the import store. This one actually makes me wish I lived in Britain; I’m not sure I’ve ever had this bar before, but I know I’ll be eating it again – even if it means a trek out to the import store and paying a bit more than normal (imported candy bars tend to go for two or even three bucks).

Double Decker consists of two layers: the first being milk chocolate nestled with bits of crisped rice, and the second being “chewy nougatine” (no, I haven’t heard of nougatine either – perhaps it’s a British thing?). The nougatine actually reminded me more of marshmallow than nougat – it had that sort of soft, spongy texture marshmallow tends to have, and it tasted a little bit richer than the usual nougat, with an almost subtly roasted marshmallow type of flavour.

As for the bottom layer, it’s kind of like a Crunch bar, only with crunchier, more substantial pieces of crisped rice. The crunchy rice works very well here, doing a great job of complimenting the chewiness of the nougatine. Also, the amount of chocolate in the bottom layer gives this bar a much chocolatier flavour than the standard candy bar.

Double Decker kind of tastes like the love child between a Nestle Crunch bar and a Mars bar (a.k.a. Milky Way, for all you Americans). It’s pretty great. Cadbury definitely needs to bring this one to North America, and fast.

3.5 out of 4

Manufactured by: Cadbury
Calories (60 g bar): 275

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